Please give a listen to Lacy's current songs. "Fairy's Wish" was her first song in 2005, age 16.

Autumn Angel Art

For the next 8 weeks, I will be evaluating the book "Girls With Swords" written by speaker Lisa Bevere. Let's look and see what we think and feel about the contents of the pages, together, yes?

Lacy's poem, "Chivalry, Vileness, and Death" was written in 2005, but the relevance to our medieval story, "Escaping the Lair", is striking! Check it out by clicking here.

  • Arpeggio Abduction4:02
  • Help Fukushima 1:01
  • Heaven's Kiss6:12
  • Kind Words (Flute Remix)4:58
  • Eternity- instrumental2:48
  • Fairy's Wish 2:02
  • Boldest! Live the flavor trailer1:10
  • Boldest Multiplayer1:06
  • Mount Chills (the Mountain of Snow)0:56
  • The Minstrel - Vocal3:55
  • The Minstrel3:45

This week we are reviewing our activities with our Spiritual Warrior Profile sheet, which you can download at the link below:

Art is a passion of which we cannot get enough. Unfortunately, we're so busy that we don't have much time to indulge ourselves in our passion.  Many of these are pictures done for art projects which have faded, changed, or been canceled. A few are a result of art studies that we have done.