Autumn Angel Art


   Kat is a colorist and Lacy, her sketch artist;  together they make the team Autumn Angel Art, and together they can create the art of anything they put their minds to. 

   As great as it sounds to be able to create whatever one can imagine, there is a problem that faces this team of artists: art isn’t the only way they express themselves. They also love to write and have ambitions to make their stories come to life in the form of board games, card games, and novels; currently they are seeking and learning how to raise the funds they need in order to do it. Due to this ‘problem’ of diversity, they often feel that time robs them of their full potential, since they work alone on their projects, donning each hat of business and filling all the roles needed for their design team.  They work tirelessly, arduously; careful to find ways to offer quality products for low prices to those who will one day be their valued customers.

As sisters, Kat and Lacy had all their lives to work together and perfect their skill, yet each day they strive for more: to learn more, push themselves further, and grow stronger as the women that God has created them to be. Kat and Lacy believe Proverbs 16:3  when it says "Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will succeed." That's why they continue to press forward, placing their trust in Jesus Christ.