Gamers needed. Readers welcome.

Industrialists are  invited to browse our talent.

Art of Expression

Sometimes we have a scene in our head and so we paint it simply to express the thoughts we have.

   Autumn Angel Art is a team of artists.  They're also currently working to start a gaming company that creates and sells tabletop games, including card games, dice games, and board games. The slideshow above has a display of their art, which provides an explanation of their passions: photography, pirates, cartoon and scenic art, dragons, and games.  

   If you are interested in their games, visit their pages on Twitter and Facebook titled Bookworm Games, and follow, comment, like, or retweet to your heart's content. They need encouragement to succeed in their dreams, and they need you to be a part.

Art of Conception

As authors, we create our own worlds.  As artists, we feel the need to paint the world that we create, so that others can see it too.

Art of Photography

We like to play around with our camera.  When we do, sometimes our creativity is pricked with inspiration.  When it is, we like to act on that inspiration and create a new scene.

Autumn Angel Art